Tasted: Jollibee Adobo Flakes Yum Burger

Okay, this actually felt Fear Factor-ish for me when I first decided to try this burger. I’m not really an adventurous eater and I’m actually quite picky. At any buffet, I don’t like the food on my plate touching each other. Mouth feel is also very important to me (“mouth feel” is a term I got from Brooklyn 99) as is the food’s temperature.

So, when I learned that Jollibee came up with an Adobo Flakes Yum Burger you can imagine that I wasn’t rushing to any branch to sample it. Adobo in a burger? Nope.

BUT! Three things convinced me to try it: 1. One of my good friends actually loved it and even said she could eat it everyday! And this friend I do trust, so I actually considered tasting Jollibee’s brand new offering right after her feedback. 2. I also saw another good friend’s post saying that the burger actually paired well with red wine and cheese!!! I love wine and cheese too! Will I like the burger too? 3. My brother said he liked it. I trust him too.

My friend Kit’s Instagram post about it which got me even more curious (and braver) to try it 😉

So, the first chance I got, I trooped to Jollibee and ordered an Adobo Flakes Yum Burger meal for P99.00 (with regular fries and drink.)  I was excited and anxious as I sat and prepared to open the burger.

I was happy to note it was piping hot from the grill! Hooray for hot food!

As with all fast food burgers, the expectation was different from the reality, but my burger wasn’t so bad. I’ve had worse 😉 Jollibee’s poster says “No PORK” because the adobo flakes are actually made of beef.

I always smell my food, even if my mom frowns on it saying I would have flunked social graces classes 😉 It didn’t smell like our home-cooked adobo but it did smell good, like a barbecue burger or something. I lifted the top bun to check out what the adobo flakes looked like inside.

Not really THAT appetizing, but hey, you’re not really supposed to open up your Yum right? Don’t judge the adobo flakes based on appearance just yet! =P

So, trusting my friends’ honesty and good taste, I reassembled my burger and took my first bite. And I took another. It was actually good and I actually liked it. I expected the strong soy sauce-y, garlicky flavors of adobo but found a more muted barbecue-y sauce instead.

You would know the beefiness of the adobo flakes from the mouth feel.

So yes, my earlier worries about the adobo flakes-Yum “fusion” burger were cast aside with the last few bites I took of the burger. I guess it would have been easier for my mind to accept this burger if it wasn’t marketed as “Adobo Flakes Yum Burger” but it is, after all, part of Jollibee’s “Pinoy Favorites” line-up (together with the Halo-Halo Sundae.)

Beefy “adobo” strands. Yes, I eat around a burger 😉

Will I order it again? Maybe. The Yum with TLC is still undefeated at the top of my Jollibee burger list. Plus, there’s still Jolly Spaghetti on the menu 😉