Birdwatching 101: What a Fledgling Birder Needs to Know


BIRDWATCHING 101: What a Fledgling Birder Needs to Know
by Maia Tañedo

Maybe you’ve heard the term before: birdwatching or birding. Maybe you let out a little snigger or commented something “green”, particularly if you’re Filipino and know the innuendo to the term “bird.” Maybe you’ve come across people staring up at trees in awe, some with binoculars, some with cameras, and their gaze made you instinctively look up as well. “What the hell are they looking at?!” you may have silently thought to yourself as you tore your gaze away from the tree and went on your way. Those were probably birdwatchers (or birders) happily observing a bird, usually unseen to the “untrained” eye. Curious? Here’s a crash course about the wonderful world of birdwatching.

IMG_5037 “What are they looking at?!”

What is birdwatching anyway?
Birdwatching, very simply put, is watching birds. I am not being a wisecrack and…

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